BRYANT AUSTIN: Close Encounters



"The images are unique and true representations of beings so vastly alien to us, yet connected through the mammalian way." - The New York Times

"These life-size whale portraits give the sensation of slow dancing with the Earth's largest creatures." - San Fransisco Chronicle

BRYANT AUSTIN is an acclaimed portrait photographer - of whales.  His full-body composite photos, often life-sized capture a view of whales most humans never see.  Visiting their ocean habitat, Bryant enters the whales' world and waits to be received.  Snorkeling by himself and working alone, he waits weeks or months for an encounter, when a curious or sociable whale swims withing four to six feet.  With this invitation, the intimate portrait session begins, focusing on the whales' true colors, tonal range and intricate detail.  Using a 50-megapixel Hasselblad, Austin takes up to 300 images of the whale in five-foot, vertical sections.   From these, he selects 15-20 photos to create composite, life-sized studio portraits.   The limited edition print collection of Bryant's work also includes a number of single exposures - printed to give a glimpse into his incredible close encounters with whales.

FOCUS Gallery is honored to represent Bryant Austin and this outstanding one-of-a-kind fine art collection.  Details regarding each print in the limited edition series are compiled in a catalog.  Please contact us to request the most current copy.